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Bell-Metal /kansha Baby Thali Set/ কাঁসার থালি সেট -(1pcs plate,1pcs glass,3 curry bowl & 3 brass spoon )

৳ 10,350
Colour : Golden.
Material: bell-metal
Packaging : 1pcs plate,1pcs glass,3 curry bowl & 3 brass spoon.
plate : around 11 inches.
curry bowl : 4 inches.
glass : 4 inches.
spoon : 5 inches. (brass made)
Bell metal is a hard bronze alloy used for making bells and related instruments, such as cymbals. It is a form of bronze with a higher tin content, usually in approximately a 4:1 ratio of copper to tin (typically, 78% copper, 22% tin by mass). The higher tin content increases the rigidity of the metal, and increases the resonance. It also has industrial uses, being specified for valve bodies, piston rings, bearings, and bushings.