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Gents Pure Kashmiri pashmin shawl(white 01)

৳ 15,000
1. Raw Material Collection: A fine type of cashmere wool find in the sheep of four varieties of Kashmiri goats find on the high hills of Pashmina. 2. Hand spinning, weaving, dyeing and printing process: Very fine for mechanical spinning and fur weaving process. So Pashmina prints carefully hand-cut, hand-woven, colorful and lovely colors, hand-block printing and finally hand-embroidered red edge product using polished, refined, strong and durable shawls. 3. Wash and Finish: Finally wash the shawls gently in a cool, mild detergent solution to remove dirt and dye and enhance the look and texture of the fabric. PASHMINA : A timeless luxury that has always been a symbol of sophistication and class - Cashmere Pashmina. The word Pashmina has been derived from the word “Pashm” which literally means soft gold. Introduced in the 14th century in the valley, Kashmiri Pashmina is believed to be the finest of all Pashminas in the world. Original Pashmina as per Grassroot artisans can be used for over 100 years which undoubtedly makes it a timeless luxury. Choose from among the wide range of Kani Pashminas, Embroidered Pashminas, Plain, and Modern design Pashminas online with us.